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Connecticut Hospitality Awareness Training program

Connecticut Hospitality Awareness Training program, or CHAT for short, is an ambitious program with a new website being created by the Connecticut Tourism Coalition to best prepare frontline personnel in tourism, food service and other sectors of the hospitality industry in Connecticut.


While some destinations have launched similar ideas, no other organization has ever presented a definitive hospitality training program exactly like CHAT in Connecticut. By providing expert training on important hospitality fundamentals, CHAT will position Connecticut as an industry-leading destination for visitors, while ensuring that the CTC satisfies the education component of its 501 (c) (4). The CHAT program features a video and seven interactive online course modules, allowing participants to retain the knowledge of hospitality fundamentals and skills in the coursework. The training will build and cultivate a sense of pride in Connecticut’s hospitality industry for restaurant servers, hotel workers, attraction or museum personnel, and retail clerks, as they learn first-hand the value of better understanding how visitors perceive our region and how to provide the best service.


The CHAT program includes a website that will host seven modules and provide a platform for online enrollment. A 75 to 90 minute training program will highlight multiple different topics. Topics include “Why Tourism is Important;” “How to Make Visitors Feel Welcome;” “Key Connecticut Attractions;” and “The Fundamentals of Hospitality Service.” At the end of the program, participants will be given a Certificate of Achievement. The benefits of this first-of –its-kind effort for the economy of our state are obvious: The hospitality industry alone has brought around 118,500 jobs and brings a large return of investment to the State of Connecticut. It is essential that service personal are educated in their field in order to represent out industry and state in the best way possible.


It is our hope that our state’s hospitality industry will benefit greatly from this exciting new program. We look forward to launching the new website and modules in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more news on CHAT!



Connecticut Tourism Coalition

Connecticut Tourism Coalition