Connecticut Tourism Coalition

Brings together the strength, numbers and influence of the state’s tourism proponents to create one powerful, inclusive and coordinated tourism advocate.

We are giving those who care about our Industry’s future a stronger voice as we work for critical change, including more reliable funding, pro-business policy and stronger public support.

CHAT Training Program

Connecticut Hospitality Awareness Training, or CHAT for short, is an ambitious program developed by the Connecticut Tourism Coalition to train frontline personnel who work at attractions, lodging establishments, restaurants and other businesses that make up the Connecticut tourism industry. CHAT is Connecticut’s first online training program to educate workers on the fundamentals of hospitality service and the significance of tourism to our economy.


Mission & Vision

The Connecticut Tourism Coalition is comprised of various association and industry–supporting organizations whose main goal is to affect change in the Connecticut tourism industry by addressing key legislative, regulatory and budgeting issues through public education.